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Transmissions for Electric Vehicles

21Geo has developed a transmission that would be suitable for electric vehicles.  The 2:1 reduction is common amongst electric vehicles.  The primary benefit for electric vehicles is the low energy loss.  Currently, many EV’s achieve the 2:1 reduction using a helical gear.  They typically lose 3.5% of the energy that goes through them.  It’s possible that this design could reduce the losses to 0.5%.  The reduction losses would translate to additional miles.  If the EV is currently getting 350 miles of range, then the transmission to this design would extend the range by about 10 miles.   

The transmission could also be useful in other markets, like ICE automobiles or in aerospace applications. 

If the manufacture wanted to have the force distribute amongst more pins the transmission could be stacked with an offset to distribute the load. 

The transmission has not been prototyped yet.  21Geo is seeking funding to have the transmission reviewed for manufacturability, prototyped, and further refined.  Most likely most of the testing will take place with a university gear test lab. 

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