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About us...

21Geo is the invention of a single individual, Tom Dobroth the founder of 21Geo.  Tom worked tirelessly for years as the idea morphed and changed.  What began as an investigation into low loss transmission became much broader – the Precise Motion Technology.  Over time the idea showed that thousands of potential devices are possible.  

Getting a broad idea to market in a pandemic has been a challenge.  Most potential customers are slowing R&D.  Let's hope that 2021 and beyond will be great years for innovation.  



The transmissions are ready for prototyping now, and 21Geo is seeking a partner to finish development.  Many robotic companies have said that the transmissions would be a significant improvement over current designs.  If successful in robotics, the transmissions could be used in many other devices, most notably Electric Vehicles.  

The mechanisms business has yet to find its first application were significantly increased value has been shown.  There are plans to build a Generative Mechanism Design solution as well as a 3D, six-axis version.  The advanced versions will likely provide the value needed for broader appeal.  

Tom has both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from MIT.  For his master’s thesis, Tom solved a major industrial problem by advancing the state of the art for computational fluid dynamics.  Since then Tom has worked in Silicon Valley as an engineer, project manager, product manager, and salesperson.  He has been the top salesperson a few times in his career and enjoys solving his customer’s problems. 


Tom has 50 years of competitive sailing experience and enjoys both racing and cruising.  Tom has been a very successful racer at the local level and has won many regattas and season championships.  Racing on San Francisco Bay in over 30 knots of breeze is one of the unique experiences Tom has treasured.  Also, he has chartered sailboats in the Caribbean with his partner.  He and his partner have traveled extensively, including Europe, South America, and Asia. 

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