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twenty-first-century geometry

Green Technology

A New Paradigm for Mechanisms

Precise Motion Technology

21Geo's Precise Motion Technology comprises a new paradigm for mechanisms on a par with gears, cams, and linkages -- yet offers more design freedom.  



Precise Motion Technology

Low Friction and Maximum Flexibility

21Geo's Precise Motion Technology coordinates the motion of components in a mechanism.  Decide for yourself how you want your components to move and the technology gives you a bearing to support that motion.  

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21Geo's Precise Motion Technology can easily create an entire mechanism or a portion of a mechanism.

Variable Mechanical Advantage
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Precise Cycle

A subset of the  Precise Motion Technology is the "Precise Cycle" devices that replace crankcase to achieve exactly the desired piston height at every shaft rotation.  

Optimal Efficiency 
120 Degree Engine
180 Degree Engine

Transmissions for Robotics

21Geo's Precise Motion Technology creates a wide variety of low-loss, zero-backlash, speed reducers for best-in-class performance for robotics and motion control applications.  

Transmissions for Electric Vehicles



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